Vocal Performance Camp 


In the coming school holiday, we are searching for passionate vocalist to touch hearts with their voice!

This Vocal Performance Camp is for you who are:

Crazily in love with singing and music

Wanting to sing but don’t know how to start

Have been looking for platform to improve your skills

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Your Music Mentor – Elmer Ho

A composer, music arranger, vocal coach, digital media producer and a member of Soundtrec. Elmer has been spending his time with music for more than 20 years since he first started learning music. He recently returned from Tokyo, Japan after working with Dagmusic which he was involved in various Film and Video Games Music Production and also judged several competitions. He will be guiding you on vocal training and stage performance!

Coaching Session

We want to know your dreams and passion in Music so we can support you in your journey. Our Founder, Karmen will personally be there to listen to your goals. Once you have completed the camp, you will have the option to continue being involved in TeenEdge’s music projects. If you believe in your dreams, we will make it happen together!

What will you learn?

Vocal techniques on warm up, breathing, head voice etc.

Skills and knowledge for singing with accompaniment

Stage performance and audience engagement


You will have your Music Cover Video Shoot at the end of the camp!

Check out our participants from the previous Vocal Performance Camp!

Requirement for Program

For anyone aged 12 & above

You may choose your preferred language

With or without prior music knowledge

p/s: if you can play an instrument, you may bring it together! (Eg. guitar and ukelele)

Check out our Holiday Music Camp this 26th – 28th November 2018!


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