Dream Program 


Vocal 1-1 Session

1对1 声乐课

Love to sing but never had the chance to learn the proper vocal technique? Here’s the place for you to get 100% attention and level up your vocal capability under professional mentor guidance!

Whether you are a complete beginner or have previous experience, we will customise your learning to help you improve!



Here is what you can learn



Vocal Training 声乐训练

  • Vocal Breathing Technique 声乐腹式呼吸

  • Vocal Register 歌唱共鸣

  • Vocal Projection  & Pronunciation 发声及气息

  • Lyrics & Song Interpretation 解读歌词及歌曲意境

Optional Add-On Lesson 选择性附加课:

Singing with Keyboard Accompaniment 自弹自唱训练 (键盘)

  • Keyboard Playing Pattern 键盘伴奏教学

  • Coordination between keyboard playing & singing 歌唱与弹奏的协调

  • Smooth Chords transition 和弦转换的技巧

Session Details 课程详情:

Day and Time to be arranged individually 上课时间将另行安排
Venue 地点: TeenEdge Malaysia, 5 Jalan 13/2, Seksyen 13 Petaling Jaya
1) Vocal Session Only 声乐训练而已
  • 1 session per week 每星期1堂课
  • 30 mins each session 每堂课30分钟
  • RM120/month 每个月 (4 Sessions 4 堂课)
2)Vocal Session + Keyboard Accompaniment 声乐训练 + 自弹自唱
  • 1 session per week 每星期1堂课
  • 1 hour each session 每堂课 1 小时
  • RM220/month 每个月 (4 Sessions 4 堂课)

    Open for anyone aged 10 & above, beginner friendly. Adults are welcome


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