Dream Project – Songwriter Incubator 


Dream Project – Songwriter Incubator is an initiative by TeenEdge Malaysia, supported by Industry Partners, aiming to groom songwriters and guide you in building a career in the music industry. 

If you have a passion in music and write original songs, you are the local talent that we wish to help kick starting your journey to be in the professional music industry!

Join as a member of Dream Project – Songwriter Incubator today to receive feedback and guidance on your songwriting skills and TeenEdge will help you to get your songs heard by artists & music label!

How Does It Work_ (2)

Who is Publishing Company & What Do They Do?

Music Publishing Company works with songwriters and acts as the middle person between songwriters and music labels, to pitch songwriters’ demo to music labels & artists who are looking to release new songs, and also for TV & Film.

They protect songwriters’ copyright of original composition (melody and/or lyrics) and they are also responsible to collect royalties globally for songwriters.

Our Partner Music Publishing Company


Our Partner Music Label

KO Music

Who Can Join as a Member?

  • Malaysian & non-Malaysian who is currently living in Malaysia

  • No minimum and maximum age limit, everyone can join!

  • Anyone who writes original lyrics and/or original melody

  • No Music Instrument/Music Production knowledge needed, you can record yourself singing on your phone and send to us

  • Don’t worry if you don’t sing well, we will only look into the lyrics & melody

  • Only for those who DO NOT have any existing contract with a publishing company

  • New or experienced songwriters are both welcome

  • We accept any music genre and language, be creative!


Why Join as a Member?

  • You will receive feedback and suggestions from industry professionals to improve your songwriting skills

  • TeenEdge will provide production assistance for you to properly produce a demo for songs that are qualified, so you don’t have to worry if you do not know how to produce it

  • Opportunity to attend Learning Camps and learn from professional song writers. You can even write a song together with them!

  • Your song can be selected by recording artists (local & international) and you will start earning royalty!

  • This can be the starting point for you to enter the music industry and build a career!

  • FREE to join & No Contract Commitment 

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 To register as a member, fill in your details in the form below.

We will confirm your membership registration within 24 hours via email

  • Instrument, vocal class, choir etc...

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