Story of Our Founder


TeenEdge Malaysia is a teens and youths development organisation that has a specific focus on building passionate young talents for the Creative Arts and unconventional industries. We aspire to build great talents and more importantly, to develop responsible citizens from the bottom of the pyramid for a better Malaysia!

Founder, Lee Karmen

She was the top achieving student in all her schooling life. Straight As’ for UPSR, PMR and SPM.

But she went into Arts stream in form 4. Not business, but pure art, the drawing kind. It wasn’t and still isn’t the norm and most of the time it is unacceptable for some parents and schools.

“Yerrr, why you choose to go to art stream?”

“What do you want to do in art stream?”

“Science stream is better!”

Those are the comments and questions she received constantly. She was disgusted knowing that the stereotypical art stream student can never excel in studies. Regardless, she insisted on her choice and went to the so-called “last class” of the form.

As expected, most of her classmates can’t do well in studies. Teachers looked down on them, parents scolded them during report card sessions, society believed that they wouldn’t be as successful compared to the typical science stream student; all just because they can’t ‘study well’.

But she envied them for one reason. Their passion and talent. They all have something they really love doing and they are very good at it.

She sees how this society places academic achievements above all things, resulting in killing the dreams and hopes of some of our teenagers. They are all talented teens and are able to do great things, they just have underrated talents in underrated industries that snuff their passion.

Thus, she founded TeenEdge with this simple mission: To build up teenagers who were never under the spotlight or being recognized for their underrated talents. She wants all teens to know and realize, even if the people closest to you do not believe in you and your dream, you have TeenEdge to give you all the support and opportunities. She strongly believes everyone deserves to ‘Do with Passion and Live with Purpose.’

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