Mobile App Building Workshop


Mobile App has become a part of everyone’s life in this modern world and we can have a lot of things done just through an app.

With just an idea, you can put it into life when you combine it with the knowledge of building an mobile app!

Whether you have something specific that you want to build or simply want to learn about mobile app building, this workshop is for you!

This workshop is designed for beginner and you will learn the followings:

i) Build a simple, fully functioning mobile app in 4 weeks

ii) Learn a single code base that works for both Android and iOS with Flutter

iii) Understand basic programming syntax such as variables, loops and conditions

iv) Design modern user interfaces with Material Design from Google

Workshop Requirements:

Bring your own laptop (Windows or Mac)

Have an Android or iOS phone

For age 12 & above, adults are welcome & suitable for beginners

You will NOT be required to download any software

Compulsory Home Self-Testing Before attending each session

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  • If you are below 18 years old

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