L.I.V.E Holiday Workshop 


A 3-day holiday workshop for 13 – 18 years old to LIVE life to the fullest!

Your life is a live show and there is no retake for every single second that passes by. Are you ready to put on a live show that you are happy and proud of?

Discover your strengths, explore your passion and test your resilience with us during this school holiday to live out your greatest potential!

L – live life with a purpose

I  – ignite the passion within

V – value your strengths and talents

E – enrich yourself and people around

Workshop will be conducted using simulations, group activities, group discussions and self-reflection.

At TeenEdge, it is always about learning through experience and exposure. At L.I.V.E, we help you to discover the undiscovered with thought stimulating activities and discussion.

You will get your ‘A-HA’ moment when you start challenging your usual thought process and look beyond the horizon. L.I.V.E is journey of personal discovery and self-development so you can live life full of passion.

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 Do with Passion, Live with Purpose