Invincible-X Junior Edition


In collaboration with MySchool of Life, LIVE Holiday Retreat is now incorporated in Invincible-X Junior Edition to bring you more fun!

A 2-day holiday program for 13 – 18 years old to go through a journey of Personal Development, Build Interpersonal Skills and Plan for the Future!

Featuring C.H.A.R.M:

C – CHAMPION Mindset

H  – Emotion Management with The Hulk

A – Gratitude to Attitude

R – Avengers Amazing Race

M – The Money Laboratory

About Invincible-X Junior Edition

We adopt Award Winning Adolescent Development Program – Goal to address important life skills for our participants. Goal uses Sports and Play-Based Activities to conduct an interactive learning session. The topics include:

  • Effective communication
  • Developing leadership
  • Financial Management

We even have a Certified Goal Coach to be with us at this program!


We will also include the concept of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to help participants overcome personal barriers and self-limiting beliefs.

Our Certified NLP Trainer will be sharing about:

  • Developing a Champion Mindset
  • Effective Learning Style
  • Personality & Career Profiling

Personal Life Coaching will also be provided for you to overcome obstacles and mapping your path to success!

 Invincible-X Junior Edition is a journey of personal discovery and self-development.

Explore life and grow with us!

Stay tuned for the next program date!

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