Learn How to Code in One Day


‘CODING’ is not a new word to us anymore and by having this skill and knowledge, it will increase your value as the world continues to grow digitally. Therefore, knowing the Tech Language gives us an advantage in facing the rapid change of the world.

We also know your time is precious and that’s why we have designed this Coding Boot Camp for you to learn the basics about coding in one day!

This Boot Camp is designed for beginner and you will learn:

i) Application and usage of Javascript

ii) Design a website using HTML and CSS

iii) Processes involved in building an app

Dream Program Coding & Programming

Boot Camp Requirement:

Just bring your own laptop!

After you have registered, we will send you the preparation needed to be done before coming to the boot camp.

No age limit! Cause everyone can code.

p/s: Don’t worry we will always be here to assist you!

This will be a small group class for you to have more personal attention!

Register now to secure your seat.

p/s: Remember to use Discount Code TEEN98 for RM98/pax!

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